Create TikTok ads that convert by embracing the platform’s storytelling style

Like most social media platforms, TikTok pays its bills by selling ads to brands that want to reach its hundreds of millions of users. The most popular type of ad on TikTok is the “In-Feed Ad,” which mirrors Snapchat ads or Instagram/Facebook story ads. These in-feed ads run in between organic content on the “For You” page, TikTok’s individualized home page.

For marketers embarking on their TikTok journey, in-feed ads are a great place to start since you can test and learn with a small budget. This type of ad is also TikTok’s main tool for performance marketers because it allows for direct click-outs to landing pages and the app store.

There are several ways to purchase in-feed ads, including TikTok’s self-service ad platform and through reservation with their sales team. Pricing on TikTok is generally much better than other platforms, but prices are rising steadily as brands flood to TikTok. It’s worth noting that while TikTok’s targeting capabilities lag behind other platforms, the company is building them out rapidly.

To get the best results from your in-feed ads on TikTok, consider these guidelines:

Don’t reuse ads from other platforms: This is a common mistake brands make: repurposing top-performing Instagram story or Snapchat ad creative as their TikTok ads. Those platforms have a totally different visual aesthetic and storytelling norms, so that content sticks out on TikTok. It feels out of place, or worse, screams “AD!” No surprise that repurposed ad creative tends to perform poorly. The best creative for a TikTok ad looks and feels like any native piece of TikTok content.

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