Google January 7th Search Ranking Algorithm Update Early Signals

I am seeing some early signals of a possible Google search ranking algorithm update starting today, January 7, 2020. There is some chatter within the SEO community and some of the tools are picking up on ranking fluctuations.

It is very early but there is 100% chatter in WebmasterWorld and Black Hat World with numerous threads in the Google support forums with complaints from site owner that their sites are not ranking well anymore. Here is some of that chatter:

There is a rather drastic change in the keywords and sources of access to my site. Hope everything goes smoothly!

Drastic changes or not. SERP’s are fluctuating that’s for sure.

Noticing changes as well. Had a minor drop overnight on some keywords. Based in Netherlands.

SERP tools are showing some hostility. As one leader of a nation noted in the past, “prepare to eat roots!”

The new update is rolling out, as we are expecting. Let see whats gonna change.

Some of the tools are showing some shifts as of this morning with the Google rankings. Note, many of the tools have yet to update with January 7th data, so I may add more screen shots later as the tools update.


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