Google Search Console Adds Share Report Feature

Google Search Console has a new (I think it is new) button to let you share a report with someone else through a secure link. The share button is next to the export button on many of the reports. At the time I am writing this, I do not see the button but David Iwanow shared a screen shot on Twitter.

Here is a screen shot of the share button within Google Search Console:

After you click on it, you are given this dialog that gives you a URL you can share with others to access the report:

You have to first enable link sharing and then if someone is given this link, anyone else they give the link to, can also see the report. Kind of like with unlisted settings on YouTube videos. So you need to be careful with who you share these links with. I guess the same goes with when you export the data and share that export with someone. But this is a live link.

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