Search Buzz Video Recap: Google New Years Update, Video Text To Speech Spam, Google’s Company Culture Failing?

Happy new years everyone, but there may have been a Google search algorithm update on New Years, I doubt it, but some think so. Google is aware of spammers using text-to-speech software to create video spam in Google search. Google said let’s put the voice search optimization fad to sleep already. Google posted a video on URL Inspection Tool questions. Google said you always need textual content on a page with multimedia. Google said you should fix your 5xx server errors not only because it slows Google’s crawl. Google said fewer page types is better and easier. Google said XML sitemaps are like energy drinks. Google said it is not cloaking when content in the noscript take is missing due to a blocked end point. Google snippets can show “list includes” for list snippets. Google local pack launched the choose area feature. Google images is testing paginated results again. Google’s company culture is failing a bit in the past year or two. Vlog number 33 is out with Rob Timmermann and I’ll be doing vlogs twice a week now. John Mueller from Google was helping SEOs and webmasters on New Years day again. Happy New Years and that was the news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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