5 ways to use VPN in digital marketing

  • 30-second summary: 26 portion of the marketers think they abuse their spending plans, so they continuously try to find innovative tools to work more efficiently– and VPN may be a response.
  • Virtual private network (VPN) ensures browsing privacy, but online marketers can likewise benefit by connecting to its different servers around the world.
  • With VPN, marketers can see YouTube ads as they’re displayed in particular countries, improve their SEO with trending keywords or carry out rival analysis in other markets.

As over 90 portion of cash invested in digital banners is squandered and approximately 69 portion of sites’ material passes undetected, online marketers think they misuse 26 percentage of their marketing budget plan. With expenses on digital marketing rising to $332.84 billion in 2020, marketing teams around the globe are using innovative approaches to improve brands’ digital existence and stay in the spotlight. Instead of relying solely on human input, they make use of marketing automation tools and change their methods according to analytics data. On top of that, to prevent additional expenses, some employ Virtual Private Network (VPN), a tool primarily utilized for developing a protected and personal connection to the internet.

“VPNs are connected with security and privacy, but users are also able to connect to the servers around the globe. This indicates an online marketer from the US can see the website as if they resided in Asia or Europe”,

says Juta Gurinaviciute, the Chief Technology Officer at NordVPN Teams.

Security does not seem to be among the most significant concerns for marketing agencies, the example of WPP, the world’s biggest advertising firm, shows otherwise. The cyberattack cost them approximately $15 million to remediate, not to point out the worth of compromised marketing information of both business and its clients. Agencies across the globe, however, can also find VPN’s broader applications in marketing.

5 VPN advantages for online marketers

1. SEO enhancements

If your marketing agency was situated in the designated nation or area, trending subjects and search keywords vary around the world and VPN can help access the web as. Therefore search engines show online marketers the outcomes pages according to the picked location. Understanding what controls organic search in the chosen nation is rewarding, as services that are noted on the first page of online search engine results draw 92 portion of organic traffic.

2. Search engine marketing

Google’s Economic Impact study presumes that business receive $2 income for each dollar purchased Google Ads and it makes paid advertisements as essential as the natural reach. To make the most out of it, online marketers need to understand what the top bidders in specific places are and analyze their ads in information. Rather of counting on metrics and stats, with VPN they can study the digital marketing landscape “in the wild”– simply as the customer sees it.

3. YouTube advertising

In the last few years the most popular video platform likewise ranks as the second most popular site. VPN services permit online marketers to peek at the YouTube ads as if they are shown in other regions and alter their technique and content appropriately.

4. Rival analysis

Online marketers can use VPN to change their IP address in order to skim through competitors’ sites, blog sites, advertisements, or keywords without them understanding the origin of web traffic. The constant tracking of the competitors assists discover SEO backlink opportunities or find the unfavorable client feedback. Sneak-peeking your competition shouldn’t turn to espionage and other grey-zone methods, but leaving no digital footprint is reasonable.

5. Protected connection

The main function of a VPN is to ensure a safe and private connection to the web. The protected connection is vital to every online marketer, be it an internal expert working from home or a freelancer using a café’s public Wi-Fi. Attackers constantly attempt to utilize unprotected networks and get their hands on delicate information– and there’s plenty on every marketer’s gadgets. By exposing a number of environment config files, the digital marketing firm, teamDigital, has put the delicate information of their clients– big names, such as NFL, Mastercard, or Soundcloud– in danger. Up until such vulnerability is repaired, VPN enables marketers to work securely by encrypting their entire web sessions.

In a world of cyber-threats and ruthless competitors, a VPN isn’t an optional extra: it’s part of a general security technique and could be likewise utilized as a well-configured marketing operation.


VPN ensures searching privacy by routing your network traffic through remote servers worldwide. In the occasion of a breach, that in formation can be compromised, therefore it is advised to usage the service that likewise encrypts the data and secures it against cyberattacks. Some companies also use the so-called KillSwitch feature which cuts the connection if the VPN network all of a sudden drops. Use rs should thoroughly assess totally free VPN services as it has its own benefits and drawbacks. It is also essential to usage the service correctly: make sure it is always on, especially when linking to a public Wi-Fi network or an unknown hotspot, and don’t forget to secure your end- use r gadgets with anti-virus software and firewall software to further improve security.

Juta Gurinaviciute is Chief Technology Officer at NordVPN Teams.