Daily Search Forum Recap: January 24, 2022

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

2022 has started off with a lot of volatility in the Google search results, there was another unconfirmed Google search update noticed over the weekend. Google released a new robots tag named indexifembedded, it deals with embeddable content. Google spoke about product images in the web results and how there is no real documentation on that. Google also spoke about redirects pull backs and other signals around links consolidation. Google is discontinuing Cameos on Google. AdSense is now seperating out YouTube payments, which might be a bad thing. Finally, part three with Riley Hope’s vlog is out.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • January 22nd Unconfirmed Google Search Ranking Update
    Again I am seeing signals, both a lot of chatter from the SEO community and tools lighting up around a possible but yet unconfirmed Google search ranking algorithm update. Yes, there has been a ton of unconfirmed updates in the past couple of weeks and let’s add this one to the list.
  • New Google Robots Tag indexifembedded: Control Indexing With Embedded Content
    Google has announced a brand new robots tag it will obey going forward, it is named indexifembedded. It lets you control if you want Google to index a page with embedded content.
  • Google: There Is No Schema For Product Images In Web Search
    Google’s John Mueller was asked if there is a way to better control the images that Google shows in the web search results for product results. The answer is not really, there is no schema or structured data that helps you control or define these for Google, John said. He said Google just decides on its own if it wants to show them for snippets or not.
  • Google On Redirect Pull Backs Plus Signal Consolidation
    I am not going to get into the 301 vs 302 redirect debate, covered that countless times here. But I found an interesting conversation on Twitter about the differences between 301 and 302 redirects and how they consolidate signals forward or back, also known as pull backs.
  • Cameos on Google Is Going Away
    Google on Friday sent out emails to those who have recorded videos for Cameos on Google that they are discontinuing the service. “Beginning February 17, 2022, you will no longer be able to record videos through Cameos on Google and any existing videos posted to Google Search and Discover won’t be shown,” Google wrote.
  • Google AdSense To Separate YouTube Earnings With Own Payment Threshold
    Google sent emails to YouTube publishers that their YouTube AdSense payments will be separated from their other AdSense payments. So if you get paid through Google AdSense for AdSense ads on your sites and also in YouTube, you will now get payments individually for each. The issue is, that means each has to hit the $100 payment threshold individually and you might get paid out slower.
  • Vlog #156: Riley Hope On COVID & Searcher Behavior
    In part one Riley Hope and I spoke about her SEO career, how she did her thesis on ethics in SEO and we spoke about the automotive SEO space. In part two we talk about women in SEO and more on the automotive space and search results…
  • Stunning Dublin View From Google
    Look at this stunning and awesome view of Dublin from the Google office building. It is just wow. The person who posted this on Instagram wrote “Dublin bay putting on a show this morning.”

Other Great Search Threads:

  • A thread about Wordle, letter frequencies, and how the choice of corpus matters for textual analysis. I’ve only been playing Wordle for about two weeks, so I can’t claim any expertise, but it tickled some old interests of m, Paul Haahr on Twitter
  • Came into work to a small handful of ‘Discover policy violation’ notices from Search Console for two websites. None with merit so will be challenging them. Do we expect a flood of these soon? I’d rather not spend, Ant on Twitter
  • Is this still true Google? Yes, it is true says Google. Well, if Google says it is true, therefore it must be wrong… via @JohnMu https://t.co/WGSemeG5db, Barry Schwartz on Twitter
  • Nope – no session cookies. Each crawl is like a fresh request., John Mueller on Twitter
  • Sometimes & maybe :-). If you don’t want us to guess, then make it so that we don’t have to guess — and just use normal HTML links., John Mueller on Twitter
  • This seems a bit nit-picky. I don’t agree with everything either of these sites do, but they have done a ton to move the ecosystem forward overall. Nothing is permanent or perfect; good scientists refine t, John Mueller on Twitter
  • Nothing has really changed there, I don’t think any search engine has or had a concept of LSI keywords. Some folks just like to “sell them”, since “it must be true if search engines say it’s false” :-), John Mueller on Twitter
  • Wordle easter egg on Google 👀 How many notifications have you had about this so far @rustybrick? https://t.co/fVlT1MuIuW, Brian Freiesleben on Twitter

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