Daily Search Forum Recap: March 3, 2022

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Yoast’s founder says that IndexNow is not more efficient and does not lead to more search traffic. Google local panels are showing “confirmed by phone call” to tell searchers how recently Google knew the details were accurate. Google said it does not have quotas on how much a site can rank for. Google is testing dropping the estimated number of search results metric. Google is bringing back the Search Central unconference later this month.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Google Local Panel Showing Confirmed By Phone Call (Duplex Related)
    Google is now showing how long ago it confirmed a phone number and hours were accurate for a local business. Google can now write in a business local panel “confirmed by phone call” followed by how long ago it was.
  • Yoast Founder: IndexNow Doesn’t Lead To More Traffic Or Improved Crawl Efficiency
    Some of you may be wondering why Yoast or WordPress have not integrated the Microsoft backed IndexNow protocol. Well, Joost de Valk, the founded of Yoast said he has seen zero evidence that IndexNow helps sites gain more traffic or reduces crawling or improves crawl efficiency.
  • Google Tests Removing Estimated Number Of Search Results
    Google Search is testing removing the estimated number of search results figure you typically see under the search bar after you conduct a search query. Google tested this back in 2016 and I guess Google is testing it again.
  • Google Ranking Quotas Do Not Exist
    Google’s John Mueller said again that websites do not have some form of quota where they can only rank for a limited number of keywords. He said on Twitter “there’s no hard limit for how many pages we show from a site, subdomain or not.”
  • Google Search Central Virtual Unconference Back Returns For 2022
    Martin Splitt from Google announced on Twitter that the Google Search Central Virtual Unconference is returning at the end of this month for the 2022 event. Google held an Unconference 2021 and 2020 and I guess has decided to host one again this year.
  • Google Buenos Aires Office
    Here is a photo I found on Instagram from the Google Buenos Aires, Argentina office. This is one of the views, but the office looks amazing. I’ve embedded more photos from this Instagram post for yo

Other Great Search Threads:

  • I see in your later tweets that you understand how featured snippets work and why sometimes the snippeted passage might not be best. For others, the background is here. I’m passing this along for immedia, Danny Sullivan on Twitter
  • A sitemap file is not a normal web page, it’s a specific format made for machine processing. There’s no notion of “nofollow” for sitemaps, there are no “links” in a sitemap file. Using x-robots-tag n, John Mueller on Twitter
  • What makes good SEO great? The part that comes after the technical checklist has been completed, after the pages have been optimized, and the client asks, “what now?” That’s the part that can’t always be taught – the cre, Lily Ray on Twitter
  • @amywhodigital I’ll pass the feedback on, but there doesn’t appear to be any single designated organization in charge of the day. From what I see, the UN is certainly a major proponent. But even the UN site that thread poin, Danny Sullivan on Twitter
  • Does “Located In” affect GBP rank?, Local Search Forum
  • I’m pretty sure that’s a unique situation where it looks like you are advertising for jobs at Indeed near your own search location, so we’re listing your own job openings first. I’m not in that loca, Danny Sullivan on Twitter
  • Ukrainians looking for work, gigs or something: https://t.co/JW4iNX7Ayr Filling in another one with those who may offer jobs or gigs for Ukrainian digital specialists, Olesia Korobka on Twitter

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