Daily Search Forum Recap: March 8, 2022

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Google is testing multiple shades of URLs in the search ads snippets. Microsoft Advertising launched professional service ads units. Google Business Profiles now integrates with Woo. Is Google showing more indented results for subdomains? Google has relaunched Shabbat Jewish times and information.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Can You Gain More Intended Google Search Results With Subdomains?
    When it comes to “dominating” the search results, most SEOs define that as taking up as much of the search results on page one as possible. Sometimes that means on one domain, sometimes subdomains and sometimes different domains completely. Jonas Sickler shared on Twitter indented Google results with subdomains and then Ahmed Alaa showed four indented results.
  • Google Ads Testing Lighter Parts URLs
    This is a weird one, Google is testing using a lighter font color for parts of the URLs displayed in the search ads in the search results. So the main domain is a solid dark font, but the parts around it is a lighter gray font.
  • Connect Your Google Business Profiles To Woo Promo
    Google is sending out a notice via Google Business Profiles that you can connect your business profile on Google Maps to Woo. Ben Fisher spotted this the other day and shared a screenshot of this notification on Twitter.
  • Google Search Adds Jewish Shabbat Times Again
    Back in 2011 Google first launched prayer time rich results but then a year later Google sunset those results. Then in 2018, Google relaunched native prayer times for Islamic prayer times. Now, in 2022, Google has launched partial prayer times for Judaism – to tell Jews when Shabbat (Shabbos) starts, ends and what the weekly Torah portion is.
  • New Microsoft Advertising Professional Service Ads For Bing Search
    Microsoft Advertising announced yet another set of vertical ad formats for Bing Search – professional service ads for insurance services, real estate services and tax services. “Professional Service Ads aim to do just that for anyone that’s looking to get connected with a certain agent, advisor, consultant, or any sort of professional,” Microsoft wrote.
  • GIF Of Noogler Propeller Hat Spinning
    A Noogler, new Googler, posted a video on Instagram of his Noogler propeller hat spinning around. So I naturally made it into a GIF and shared it below.

Other Great Search Threads:

  • The page experience update finished its desktop rollout yesterday. If your traffic is down, keep in mind that with the war in Ukraine, ppl may be consuming content about that rather than yours-and also some SERPS wil, Dr. Marie Haynes on Twitter
  • Anyone else notice that “entities” are getting more Image Thumbnails (desktop) lately? This wasn’t the case when searching for people in the recent past. Def seen a shift here- there was s/t that updated in the K, Mordy Oberstein on Twitter
  • Apple has disabled Apple Search Ads in the App Store in Russia until further notice https://t.co/cNRk2bsmUZ, Barry Schwartz on Twitter
  • I found a great post in a black hat SEO forum couple of years ago, about finding low competition keywords. I wrote it to myself in a note, and I’ll make it available for you now., DylanSeoSmasher on Twitter
  • If you have a lot of these, I’d just do a cleanup on how text is displayed. Rewriting them manually seems like a recipe for adding bias. “I’ll fix the casing” / “I’ll fix the spelling” / “I’ll use synonyms”, John Mueller on Twitter
  • It looks like you are getting some impressions, just not a lot. Perhaps you’re targeting something with low activity, or your content is not “competitive” enough., John Mueller on Twitter
  • There is no fixed time – for rendering we cache aggressively, not like in the testing tool. That said, if your pages rely on a lot of resources to be loaded (content not visible otherwise), it would be good to, John Mueller on Twitter
  • XML Sitemaps & crawling -> Via @johnmu: Sitemap files are not crawled at the same time… Google tries to figure out how often each sitemap changes, & how often they provide useful information, & then it will crawl them at dif, Glenn Gabe on Twitter

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