Google Officially Announces Search Central Virtual Unconference – April 27th

Google 2022 Search Central Unconference

I was a bit too eager in reporting the dates for the Google Search Central Virtual Unconference the other week. Google changed the tentative dates on the registration page to now show that the event takes place on April 27th from 11am to 2pm ET, with registration opening on March 30th at 6am.

Previously the site said that Google would open registration today, March 17th and the conference itself would be held on March 30th. I guess everything got pushed back for one reason or another.

You can register on the 30th over here.

Google explained “the event is a collection of group discussions. Each of these discussions will have one or two facilitators, who make sure there is a starting point for a conversation and that there’s momentum throughout the session, as well as a chance for everyone to join in. To keep these discussions manageable and open, each discussion has a limited number of participants and the session will not be recorded.”

There is no specific agenda announced yet, as far as I can see. There is just a template of the time slots of each category of content.

Anyway, you may want to set a reminder to register on the 30th, I am not sure what time exactly registration will open.

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