Google’s highlighted bits: How to get your YouTube video featured in Google

30-second summary:

  • YouTube is one of the most featured domains in Google.
  • Unlike any other greatly featured sites, supplies any brand name an easy way to host a brand-owned asset for it to get featured.
  • To catch more video-driven included bit opportunities, create a video version for each keyword-driven content property you create.
  • There are tools that make video production quite scalable. Those consist of online video developers and Zoom.
  • Despite how you develop those videos, ensure there’s a meaningful (even search-optimized) voiceover as Google is utilizing that (and the video transcripts) to generate featured bits.
  • Use standard SEO practices to let Google discover and rank your videos. Like with frequently featured snippets, video featured bits heavily depend upon the organic rankings.

YouTube offers brands with all sort of special marketing chances, among which is a capability to construct extra natural visibility through both video carousels and featured bits.

Why YouTube?

According to Ahrefs, ranks in the top 5 natural look for 139,830,455 queries. Of those, it is being featured for 1,177,203 inquiries (as of September 2020).

[Screenshot source: Ahrefs since September 2020] This makes YouTube one of the most featured domains out there.For contrast, is being included for 2,644,918 search queries (again, according to Ahrefs information ). Unlike Wikipedia, YouTube videos can be owned by brand names. Anyone can create a YouTube video and get included with it. This means the video developer holds complete control over the message of the highlighted asset.

This is gold.

It is hard to identify why YouTube is being included so heavily:

  • Are YouTube videos being included since they tend to rank so high
  • Or are YouTube videos being included because Google has actually discovered those search queries to be finest pleased with video material

Either way, something we know for sure: You ought to be providing videos if you wish to build additional brand direct exposure in organic search.

How to get your brand name feature more through producing video content?

1. Produce more videos

This one is pretty apparent however this is the basic action that needs to be covered.

You are welcome to go expensive and catch all appropriate search results page in your niche that function videos and try to record all those opportunities with your own videos. This method deserves to exist but it does have some problems:

  • You are competing with existing properties that have by now built up all sort of strong signals (views, backlinks, and other such aspects). So don’t anticipate this to come easy.
  • You are limiting your method with existing opportunities that all your rivals might know. You are doomed to constantly be behind.
  • Featured snippets are dynamic. By the time you lastly have a solid asset to compete, that chance might no longer exist.

Rather of going after each private opportunity, create a more detailed strategy that would guarantee you’ll develop your own chances, and gradually catch all of the existing ones as well.

In other words, turn all your text-based content into the video format.

This sounds challenging but it is in fact absolutely achievable. I am using 2 tools that make the procedure unbelievably easy:

2. Zoom to tape walkthrough and tutorials

You can record yourself describing any procedure utilizing the totally free variation of Zoom. It may take you a long time to get utilized to the procedure however moving forward, you will find yourself a growing number of comfy with it. After 2-3 video tutorials, a 3-minute video will take you 30 minutes to create, trust me.

YouTube video featured snippets on Google - Zoom to create videos [Screenshot produced by the author: September 2020]

I am sure other virtual meeting options can work for that function also: The finest aspect of Zoom is

that it is free and uses a good HD export of recorded videos. 3. Renderforest to turn text into videos While Zoom might take a little bit of time to get adapted to, Renderforest offers video production tools that take no time to figure out. It is user friendly and can be utilized to turn any short article into a video.

To get a much easier feel of the tool, simply get your short article subheadings and use their text-to-video option to turn those into a video:

Text to video - Transcript [Screenshot source: Renderforest]. Renderforest supplies design templates to develop whiteboard videos, explainer videos, detailed tutorials, and more.

Overall, of all the online video developers I’ve attempted throughout the years, this one seems to be the easiest to get used to. And it saves a lots of time. It costs around $7 a month which is likewise quite budget friendly.

4. Use significant well-structured unique narration for your YouTube video

Now I don’t have any serious study behind this claim, so take this with a grain of salt. Based upon my own experience, unless your video has a significant commentary, it will not be featured.

Look at one of the examples of featured videos: There’s a text direction in package:

YouTube video featured snippets on Google - Instruction box [Screenshot source: Google search

since September 2020] This is created from the video captions which are auto-created based on the video commentary:

[Screenshot source: YouTube as of September 2020]

This appears to support my claim: Unless Google can discover some text, it will not be so willing to include a video.

Invest some time into producing a narration.

You can simply read directions while recording your tutorial if you utilize Zoom. If you are using Renderforest, you can sync your voiceover with your video. Both approaches are quite achievable.

4. Enhance videos utilizing conventional SEO

YouTube SEO is very little various from any SEO process. This post outlines the process quite well here. Basically, all you need is:

  • A keyword-optimized name of the video (which is likewise going to be the page title)
  • A detailed video description (also utilize your keywords there too). Feel free to produce clickable timestamps to take audiences to particular areas of the video. These get indexed by Google as well.

You need some links to your video. At the minimum link to each video from your own website (both manually from your short articles and likewise utilizing some plugins which send sitewide links to your videos). This will assist it rank.


This video strategy will hopefully get your brand included more. It will likewise help you create more content possessions which you will be able to market on social media to increase engagement and create more traffic creating channels. Best of luck!

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