How to best utilize the networks within Google AdWords

30-second summary:

  • Google networks can be tricky when deciding which ones are best for your goals and spending plan
  • Three suggestions that will help you to make use of the networks tactically
  • You initially need to understand the difference prior to picking a network
  • Tidy information is key when evaluating efficiency, so it is best to keep network targeting independently
  • Where a user is at in the conversion funnel will tell you if the network brings conversions
  • By having 2 different projects that are network particular, you will be able to appropriately target your audience with clear messaging while being able to access essential data points quickly and properly

There are 2 networks within Google AdWords– display screen and search. When you set up a project for the very first time, you may see an option to include either one of these within the settings.

The search network advertisements appear on Google’s search engine result page, and the display screen network ads appear on apps, websites, and videos. What looks like a good concept to get more exposure, may not assist you in the end when determining performance.

Google AdWords - Search and display

To profit of both search and screen, you need

to be tactical about how you are targeting users on

these platforms. Here are three suggestions for utilizing the networks within Google AdWords: Tip # 1: Know the difference Show choose versus screen network are various despite the fact that the listing of display screen network in your settings can be a little misleading. The display choose is a hybrid project design. While you can take your search network advertisements to the next level by including them to show, it is not ideal for tight spending plans.

By nature, the display network expands its reach to a broader audience. You are launching control over to Google when you add this choice. By keeping everything in search, you are targeting an active user who wishes to discover something relative to the keywords within the campaign.

The screen network will boost presence, but it is not as targeted and must not be utilized by those with a smaller sized budget plan. They may not be prepared to buy when users are on even display choose. These users are far out in the conversion funnel. Accomplishing clicks is challenging in this network with an ad-driven by copy.

For those who need to increase awareness, then display is for you. Ad area on the network is great, so you can reach and expand your audience.

Tip # 2: Make sure information is tidy

Your data may not be as clean if you are using a search network with display choose. The search network has a greater click-through rate (CTR) than the display. If you are looking at the overall information of the project, you may not be able to get a accurate and quick appearance at efficiency.

The impressions and clicks created by the screen network are not applied to the keywords within your campaign. The factor for this is because those impressions and clicks are not in fact “search”. To genuinely assess performance, you need to take a deeper look.

Google AdWords - Search and display data

To determine, you require to go to each individual ad group in Google AdWords and take a look at how the screen select and the search network are each performing. Users are in various places within the conversion funnel, so it is essential to understand the industry benchmarks for each network when measuring data. It is recommended to divide the projects when utilizing both of Google AdWords’ networks.

Suggestion # 3: Understand the conversion funnel

The conversion funnel is comprised of different stages, such as consideration, awareness, and choice. When a user is on the display screen network, they are probably in the awareness phase. When a user is in the search network, they are at the bottom of the funnel. These users know they wish to purchase a product or service, but they are evaluating where to purchase it.

The reason you require to understand the funnel is not just from an information perspective, but it is likewise for producing quality ad copy. Your messages need to be proper for where that user is in the conversion funnel. You would never ever ask somebody to purchase from you if you simply satisfied them at a networking event. It is important to fulfill the user where they are at by creating ad copy that is relevant.

A dual-network technique is not for everybody. So, prior to diving into both, determine your goals and assess if both will help you to meet them. By having two different projects that are network-specific, you will have the ability to correctly target your audience with clear messaging while being able to access key data points rapidly and properly.

Ashley G. Schweigert is Owner at Marcom Content by Ashley, LLC.