How to instantly profit from your next piece of material

30-second summary:

  • Most content online marketers concentrate on developing post and composing guest posts to improve SEO rankings. This technique neglects the value of insightful content as a sales resource, particularly for B2B firms.
  • What kind of content works best for sales prospecting. Examples of content and an introduction of how to create your outreach list.
  • An overview of 2 projects where blog site content was used to produce leads for an SEO company. Included in the summary are email templates and campaign outcomes.
  • How to review and optimize your content marketing outreach projects to produce more leads for your business.

Significant business resources are bought creating material that is never engaged with, composing guest posts that are never checked out, and sharing content that is never seen. It’s a reality that most of us pick to disregard due to the fact that we are fixated on inbound marketing.

While inbound marketing works, it’s not without issues:

  1. Most of the visitors who engage with your material will never return. It’s normally agreed that someplace in the region of 2%-6% of newbie visitors go back to a site.
  2. You have little control over who visits, and a lot of visitors do not fit the profile of your consumer persona (you’ll be doing effectively if you convert even 0.3% of website visitors into customers).
  3. There are only many areas on the front page of Google. Honestly, most of us will be fighting and failing to achieve our desired SERP rankings.

Outbound marketing sidesteps 2 of those 3 concerns.

When you create a list of companies that fit your target market and then send e-mails to the appropriate people because company, you acquire a degree of control over who consumes your material. Where you sit in the search rankings will not impact the result of your project.

While a lot of sales teams utilize outgoing marketing, couple of companies collaborate their material marketing efforts with outgoing sales initiatives.

I think that this is an oversight. I’ve protected several new customers for my agency in the last three months by collaborating my sales and material marketing efforts.

This guide will share a method that I believe can help all companies, however specifically small to medium-sized organizations, that run in the B2B area acquire brand-new customers. It’s a technique that relies upon developing a percentage of really excellent content, then actively promoting that content to the ideal people. Let’s dive in.

1. Think about the goals of your consumer

Preferably, your outbound marketing strategy need to neatly suit your long term material marketing objectives. For me, an ideal content campaign that lines up with sales need to look something like this.

At the start of the campaign, you need to recognize pertinent keywords to target. The keywords you pick must align with your perfect customer’s discomfort points and the option that you use either through your services or product. At my business, we help businesses in the SaaS niche protected visitor posts on appropriate sites. I decided that the preliminary outreach project would be based around my guide on how to guest post.

You can see how the subject aligns with the option.

You must utilize useful material that provides value if you’re going to run an outreach campaign that uses content from your site. After all, the short article will be the first impression that you leave with a possible consumer engaging with your organization.

You can produce several pieces of material around your product or service offering. I recommend you start with one piece of cornerstone content.

2. Create a client outreach list

There is a great chance that you currently have a technique in place to promote new content. Typically, that involves producing a list of websites that have actually connected to a contending piece of material. You then discover the contact information of the author and send them a message requesting a link.

A sales outreach project based around a piece of content is simply as straightforward. The objective and who you target is different.

I’ll assume you have a customer personality. You understand what kind of business buy your service or products. You need to create a list of suitable companies. You can use resources like Google My Business, the Inc 5,000, and other business roundups to rapidly create a list of ideal business to call.

You require to discover the details of the person in charge of purchasing decisions at each business as soon as you’ve produced your shortlist. For an SEO company, that person usually has a job title like ‘Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)’.

I typically use a mix of LinkedIn and an e-mail finder to get their contact information. Hunter and Voila Norbert both provide 50 complimentary searches, which is enough for an initial campaign.

Pull all of that details you collect into a Google Sheet.

3. Run your outreach campaign

There are numerous kinds of sales outreach projects you can run that incorporate blog material. For instance, I gathered the details of everybody who left a talk about the Backlinko blog site. I got rid of individuals and companies that didn’t fit my customer personality and sent them all an email.

Below is a screenshot of the email template I utilized along with one of the actions.

Piece of content - Profit from it by email outreach - Example 1

You can see this is a soft sell. The only reference to the service I offer is my e-mail signature that links to a sales page. The main resource in the e-mail was this article.

I wished to begin a conversation with potential customers not generate an instant sale.

This specific outreach campaign, which was sent to around 200 people, produced two leads. In addition, I was asked to appear on a podcast and was offered a number of visitor post opportunities.

You can be more direct. Here is an example from another project.

Piece of content - Profit from it by email outreach

We leveraged the credibility of Sumo for this sales campaign. The company has more brand name acknowledgment than Launch Space, a website that few people would acknowledge. The main resource used for the Sumo sales campaign was this short article. The guest post fits the requirements of a foundation piece of content. It’s actionable, informative, and appropriate to the requirements of potential consumers.

You may have discovered that I adjusted my e-mail signature for the campaign. We created two leads from our very first 100 emails.

4. Evaluation the results

I recommend you send out outreach emails to between 100-200 companies if this is your first project. Send your emails, then a week or 2 later on, evaluate the results.

The first project we ran had a 1% conversion rate. I sent 100 emails and got one consumer.

The math was simple.

I didn’t use any marketing tools for the project. You may choose to begin the exact same way.

To enhance the results of any marketing campaign, you require to track appropriate metrics. There are a lot of budget-friendly e-mail tracking tools that provide insights like e-mail opens, link clicks, and other stats.

Good e-mail tracking tools will allow you to split test your copy. When people open your email and who opened your message multiple times but didn’t react, you’ll also collect information on. You can utilize this information to improve your campaign results, for instance, by arranging your e-mails for the optimal time or day of the week or choosing who to send multiple e-mails to.


In this guide, I described how you can include blog posts and guest posts in your cold outreach to generate leads for your business. It’s a strategy that I’ve used to regularly land fresh clients, which has, in turn, assisted me grow my company.

If you’re a B2B company offering a services or product with a high-profit margin, outgoing marketing will generally provide you with a favorable Return On Investment (ROI). It’s sensible to make use of blog site material as a sales resource, especially if you presume that the content will ultimately generate leads through incoming marketing. Most business do not do this; I hope this post has provided you with the incentive to try.

Nico Prins is an online marketer and the founder of Launch Space. He assists companies develop their digital marketing strategies. He’s dealt with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups assisting them establish material marketing techniques that line up with their organization objectives. Follow him on Twitter @nhdprins.