If You Care About User Experience, Invest in SEO

And, if you care about SEO, invest in User Experience. Aligning SEO and UX offers too many mutual benefits to ignore.

Ahead of our March 15th webinar, let’s explore the importance of aligning of SEO and UX and 5 steps to get you there. 

Why is SEO and User Experience Alignment Important? 

Alignment is no longer a “nice to have”. It must be viewed as a requirement for any brand that heavily relies on organic search as part of their marketing strategy. Google’s Page Experience and the Core Web Vitals that help the search engine measure it, are now used to rank pages for both mobile and desktop search. At the heart of Page Experience is a focus on improved user experience.

In effect, this is Google saying: Hey, it’s no longer enough to have good, authoritative information on your page, and it’s no longer enough to have optimized titles and tags, because if your page loads too slowly or your ads are overly intrusive, for example, the user suffers. You still need good information and optimized page structure, of course, but the user experience is now critical in determining whether Google is willing to recommend your content (with a high search rank).

The hallmark of an optimal search-originated user experience is seamless continuity. In other words, the promise of the search result is fulfilled by a click that returns the expected information without requiring the user to wait long for it, dig for it or clear away pop-ups, interstitials and other detritus to access it. The best experience is usually the one the user doesn’t notice. Easy enough. 

Creating a seamless user experience is far from easy, though. A big part of that is because the user experience is the combined efforts of SEO, IT, content, brand, monetization and other folks whose goals and priorities, when not in direct opposition, are not always aligned. Without that alignment, however, the user experience suffers, and a lousy user experience tallies its costs in lost business. With SEO more directly influencing and dependent on the user experience, the stakes of alignment are higher than ever. 

How Do We Align SEO and The User Experience? 

The good news is that with a coordinated and committed approach, alignment is achievable. We’ve identified 5 keys to successfully aligning SEO and user experience teams: 

  1. Align on measurement goals 
  2. Establish and speak a similar language 
  3. Coordinate priorities 
  4. Connect UX initiatives to SEO benefits and vice versa 
  5. Evangelize mutual successes 

Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, March 15 at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST where we’ll dive deeper into the 5 keys to alignment with strategies to leverage SEO insights to both improve your rankings and visibility while elevating the customer experience. We’ll further qualify the benefits of aligning SEO and the user experience, zero in on the primary barriers to alignment and explore specific actions organizations can take to achieve alignment. Finally, we’ll demonstrate how BrightEdge users can leverage the BrightEdge platform in support of SEO / User Experience collaboration.