IndexNow Now Sharing URLs Between Search Engines & IndexNow API

When IndexNow was first announced by Microsoft Bing in October, it was not yet at a point where the participating search engines we co-sharing URLs – but that is no longer the case. Participating IndexNow search engines, which is still just Microsoft Bing and Yandex, are now co-sharing URLs.

That means when you submit a URL through IndexNow that is submitted through Microsoft Bing, it will be instantly shared with Yandex as well. The same works the other way, submit a URL to Yandex and Microsoft Bing will get it instantly.

Plus, Microsoft said that you no longer have to use or to submit the URLs, you can use and the URLs will be shared with Bing and Yandex.

If Google does plan to adopt it, I suspect webmaster/site owner adoption will explode. Right now, Microsoft said 80,000 websites have “started publishing and reaping the benefits of faster submission to indexation” through IndexNow – but in November that number was 60,000 and all through Cloudflare’s integration (which we use here by the way). So it seems adoption has been slow?

But Microsoft released a IndexNow WordPress plugin so hopefully that will help a little?

In any event, the key new pieces here are these three points:

(1) IndexNow’s protocol is now co-sharing URLs with participating search engines.

(2) can now be used to submit URLs to.

(3) IndexNow us now used by 80,0000 websites.

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