Jingle all the way: What will 2021 imply to the marketing world?

  • 30-second summary: Despite the total doom and gloom, some industries in fact increased in 2020.
  • 2021 is supposed to dot some i’s and cross some t’s in the field of transparency and first-party information solutions.
  • Live streaming connected to gaming and sports is a big advertising-friendly zone that is expected to broaden further in 2021.
  • Header bidding solutions for OTT and CTV, new attribution, and money making features are the marketing innovations that will collect momentum in 2021.
  • AI and ML predictive algorithms will even more reinvent customization in the advertising world.

Surreal, mind-blowing, melancholic, thought-provoking … 2020 has actually been like no other year in this century so far, as those using t-shirts with an “All I desire for Christmas is 2021” logo will eagerly confirm. And though there’s a lot to be done before all pieces of the 2021 puzzle can be put together, the approaching year has many intend to meet. No pressure, 2021, however you ‘d much better be excellent! On this meticulously favorable note, let’s briefly modify 2020 based upon the insights from the ‘OTT Executive Summitbefore we can warmly invite the upcoming year. Continue reading for insight on the future of advertising.

Recalling at 2020

The reality of 2020 determined brand-new guidelines, values, individuals’s routines, and a new outlook on what “regular” was. Unsurprisingly, despite the general doom and gloom, some industries, which suit this transformed design truly well, really skyrocketed. They say every cloud has its silver lining, and that held true even for 2020.

Take for instance CTV, whose advertisement spend increased by 19% this year, according to IAB, mainly due to the pandemic and mass lockdowns.

“TELEVISION permanently has actually been a leading funnel media, a media that you utilized to drive awareness but not to drive purchase. What’s so fascinating about Connected Television is that it gives a chance to be both, an effective branding media in addition to a media that is extremely attractive to online marketers who are trying to drive real outcomes,”

Scott Rosenberg, SVP/GM of Platform Business at Roku

Digital devices, including the CTV ones, to a specific level, ended up being the guardians of individuals’s psychological health and wellbeing. This fact is backed up by the Leichtman Research Group’s report that counted 400 million Connected TELEVISION devices in the United States earlier this year.

Another curious outcome of the pandemic is the shift that took place in the way viewers started taking in OTT material. Nielsen shared their insights on the growing trend of co-viewing, as people were connected to their homes and family members for a long period of time.

The advancements of the Internet and 5G networks included much more indicate CTV’s score, making the market magnetic for app designers. As an outcome, streaming soared, turning 85% of Americans into banners, according to Roku.

“Streaming for the very first time is surpassing live TELEVISION,” Andrew Hare, Senior Vice President, Research at Magid Associates, Inc

In addition to the accelerated number of customers of existing streaming services, described by eMarketer, the industry has actually seen a true growth in the launch of brand-new platforms, like Apple TELEVISION +, HBO Max, Disney +, Paramount +, Quibi (presently closed down), and others.

“The streaming war up until this point has been truly in between the Big Three [Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu], nevertheless, with the entrance of all these high profile services from Disney, Apple, Warner Media, NBCUniversal, and others we might be seeing a big upset of the hierarchy moving on. And the intriguing thing is that a great deal of these new services have taken different methods, trying to tackle the Big Three,”

Steve Nason, Research Director at Park Associates

With a CTV seeing time development by 81% in 2020, according to Nielsen, and the abundance of entertainment chances CTV has in its goody bag, customers undoubtedly started to have fewer issues with ads. Provided that ads might be the only cost they would have to spend for the material.

“Consumers discovered our service and services like ours actually practical. Ad-supported ended up being a truly excellent way of getting your news and your movies, and perhaps your content library,”

Colin Petrie-Norris, CEO at Xumo

“43% of United States grownups have stopped briefly a show they were seeing to go purchase or consider the item that they just saw on screen. The conditions are extremely ripe between the customers’ objection to go to physical retail along with advanced ad products that can put the ideal advertisement in front of you at the best moment, have it be actionable,

Scott Rosenberg, SVP/GM of Platform Business at Roku

EMarketer’s Q3 report highlighted a boost in AVOD earnings by 31% in 2020. This suggests that reputable AVOD platforms, such as Pluto TELEVISION, Xumo, Vudu, Crackle, and Tubi, will soon have to share the area with many newbies, happy to hit the jackpot by adopting AVOD or a hybrid design that combines SVOD and AVOD functions.

“Two-thirds of all viewing time is on ad-supported platforms. For the first time 53% of individuals 18+ said they see a minimum of one AVOD service. 51% in the US tell us they would choose an advertising-based free design versus a membership without any advertisements or EST [Electronic Sell-Through],

Andrew Hare, Senior Vice President, Research at Magid Associates, Inc

Eagerly anticipating 2021

Inexplicably staring at the crystal ball to see the future is always enjoyable, eMarketer shared a few hints to make anybody’s forecasts a bit more grounded. Following eMarketer’s estimates, the CTV ad invests will reach $11.36 billion in 2021, which is around 40% greater than the year prior to that. Additionally, 2021 will bring a decrease in Connected TELEVISION CPMs due to a meteoritic rise of supply. Without having our heads in the clouds, let’s take a closer look at where this may take us from different point of views of the CTV landscape.

1. Openness

Privacy issues have regularly been the internet’s stumbling block. Users wish to know who collects what data and for what purposes. Appears like a couple of years after the introduction of GDPR, 2021 will lastly dot some i’s and cross some t’s in this location. Given that Google revealed its strategy to opt-out third-party cookies from the Chrome internet browser, the advertising world has been uncomfortably trying to come up with a brand-new merged first-party data method for all its channels. As marketers aim to secure their access to customers, direct offers through PMP (Private Marketplace) or PG (Programmatic Guaranteed) punched above their weight. And though these are effective methods of reaching audiences, they risk leaving smaller players out of the loop. In the meantime, the connected TV arena moved the concern of openness from high concern to crucial. Ideally, 2021 will bring some clarity to unified services for delivering first-party information to advertisers. We have great opportunities to view additional fragmentation of the market (which is not good) stitched together with development in addressability (which is excellent).

2. Investments

Streaming of all sizes and shapes continues to soar, and 2021 is expected to reveal its potential even fuller. Live streaming, particularly related to video gaming and sports, offers online marketers a special chance to reach out to a growing section of esport streamers and watchers, who in 2020 constituted 92% of the US and UK Generations Z and Y populations, based upon the data from GlobalWebIndex. Definitely, anchoring customers in your home did oil the wheels and contributed a lot to this pattern. Beyond sports and video gaming, another streaming playing field, that is getting momentum as we speak, is certainly AVOD. A snowballing result with which streaming services emerged made watchers tight-fisted and less opposed to advertisements. This propensity is most likely to stay the course. Therefore, if there is a best time and place to make the most of advertising budget plans, it will undoubtedly be streaming in 2021.

3. Formats

Provided that customers’ attention span was 8 seconds in 2020, as specified by Oracle, it’s obvious that catching this attention will just get more difficult for brand names with time. This is where engaging formats will can be found in helpful. Browsable galleries, shoppable advertisements, carousels, TV-to-Mobile aspects, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), these are simply a part of the mantra for all marketers out there. The only way to stroll customers through all the phases of the funnel is to stay imaginative, up-to-date, and make their experience light-weight, yet unforgettable. When it comes to the channels, it’s worth going out on a limb and embracing an omnichannel strategy that will include DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home), which has been rocking the boat of digital advertising for quite some time now. Given that customers are expected to spend far more time out of their houses to offset 2020, if/when restrictions are unwinded in 2021, experimenting with new formats would be the method forward.

4. Marketing innovations

Due to the reality that programmatic, as a transaction method is going to reach $5.72 billion in 2021, according to eMarketer, the speak about scaling up header bidding options for OTT and CTV have a clear rationale behind them. This technology will enable purchasers to gain access to vibrant auctions, while publishers will be able to send ad requests to numerous purchasers and enhance their monetization results. Moreover, 2021 will certainly expose marketers to more attribution and promo chances, be it showcasing customer journey for OTT channel owners with the Attriboost analytics software or supplying across-the-board monetization capabilities through Allroll’s self-serve platform. Staying at the leading edge of the AdTech innovation curve will open doors to windfall profits.

5. Smart automation

A recent concentrate on a lessened in person human interaction fuelled interest in automation powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). This eventually sowed the seeds of acceptance and made these innovations more approachable for businesses. In the context of Connected TELEVISION, the developments of AI-led to the kickoff of ACR (Automatic Content Recognition), which originated from clever TELEVISION players, for instance, Samba TELEVISION, Samsung Ads, and LG’s Live Plus. Their predictive algorithms produce an additional layer of customization for CTV viewership. Taking into account how customization is worshipped by online marketers, beyond a shadow of doubt, ACR will play a vital part in the CTV market in 2021.


The time to say ‘bye-bye’ to 2020 has actually come. Digital space, in line with the rest of the world, has actually gone through a great deal of transforming and rethinking, demonstrated resilience and agility, attempting to foresee and comfort customers in every single shift in their habits. These changes, nevertheless, mapped a whole brand-new outlook for 2021. Information privacy, investment chances, engaging formats, advertising, and automation technologies will run the digital world in 2021 in a lot more amazing manner than before. So, attach your seatbelts, and let’s go!

Alex Zakrevsky is the CEO of Allroll marketing platform for CTV/OTT channel owners. Innovator, item lover, CTV, and programmatic enthusiast. He thinks that the quality of the product constantly wins.