Leading 4 contact page errors that cost you conversions

30-second summary:

  • More often than not, your contact page will be among the couple of pages that are mainly seen on your site
  • Chances are you’re slipping up or more that may be unconsciously costing you conversions
  • Grace P. highlights the leading 4 contact page mistakes and how you can fix them

A contact page is a medium that links you with your intended audience. Generally, it will be among the couple of pages that are mainly seen on your website. It is likewise one of the most vital parts to get your conversions. Regretfully, chances are you are slipping up or more that might be unconsciously costing you conversions. Some mistakes are more noticeable than others. Do you need to know whether you are already making any contact page mistakes?

Our article highlights the leading four contact page mistakes that might be costing you conversions. It likewise teaches you how to repair them.

Leading 4 contact page errors you need to stop doing

1. Insufficient or intrusive contact types

The expedition of a contact type is both attempting and sacred, and it takes some time to get it best however takes just a moment to get it all incorrect. Contact types usually fall into two classifications: Either too inadequate fields or lots of fields. Many locations that it involves inputting the maiden name of your maternal granny and, of course, the frightening phone number demand.

People wish to inform you what they require to say to you. If you do not allow them, you can miss out on a conversion. On the other hand, not everybody has the patience and time to complete twenty fields simply to be able to ask you if their discount code will be active. In this case, you might also be losing on a conversion by failing to explain each form’s purpose or properly to fill in their info.


Construct your contact forms based upon your website’s purpose and your site’s target audience. If a customer feels like your form does not adequately let them interact their requirements, it is a bad kind.

It is a guideline that you are asking for too much from them if it takes more than 2 minutes to fill your kind. Instead of opting for the standard kind of contact type that needs a name, address, and the message that they get, develop your contact form based on your customers’ requirements.

Doing this will assist them to give tailored actions based upon their specific requirements. The questions on the forms are sufficient for them to determine needs and wants without being extremely intrusive.

2. Using just forms

Kinds are excellent. They are not the eventually convenient way for a prospective client to call you for one reason or another. Normally, when an individual is attempting to call you, it is most of the time, for something vital, and you do not wish to deny them of it.

Creating more than one medium for them to call you will make you seem relatively accessible. You don’t constantly need to follow the basic form. You can utilize other practical options such as email, chat, or call.


You do not need to add your contact number to your page. Add other ways for users to contact you. If you are not comfortable adding an electronic or physical address, you can use your social media icons. Wonder website has an outstanding example on this point.

Source: Wonder 3. Untracked form submissions Responds from filled and submitted kinds are not always ensured.

Individuals fill types and do not get actions sometimes and this boils down to the fact that no one was monitoring what came in. Failure to view your type submissions is one way of tossing a possibly vital opportunity away. It also speaks poorly about the management of your site, and the relationship you have with your users.


Connect your contact forms to an account that you are likely to examine frequently. You can even assign this single task to someone. If you will not trouble to respond to users who call you, it does not make sense to have a contact form. Here’s an example of another reliable contact page by NJI3.

Contact page mistakes and how to fix them - Example 2

< img loading=”lazy”class

=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-143038″ src =”https://www.searchenginewatch.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Contact-page-mistakes-and-how-to-fix-them-Example-2.png”alt= “Contact page mistakes and how to fix them -Example 2 “width=”624” height =”343″srcset= “https://www.searchenginewatch.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Contact-page-mistakes-and-how-to-fix-them-Example-2.png 624w, https://www.searchenginewatch.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Contact-page-mistakes-and-how-to-fix-them-Example-2-300×165.png 300w “sizes=”( max-width: 624px) 100vw, 624px”> Source: NTI3 You wish to make an effort to react to all queries that pertain to your website. You can take this to another level by composing positive confirmations with a name attached to your contact forms. Telling them that Joshua will get back to them prior to the end of 24 hours.

Doing this will force your users to fill and send the contact types.

4. Broken types

It is usual for things to break, nevertheless, leaving them broken is uncommon. Like many things, forms can be broken in numerous methods.

Examples of broken forms are:

  • Submit buttons that do not work
  • The forms that fail to acknowledge that you have completed all fields and keeps sending back mistake messages

Types can break for odd factors. You are not constantly to blame for damaged types, primarily if you utilize a third-party application. Your users will not see it in this light. They will take their conversions with them and flee your site.


Make sure to check your contact type at least as soon as every month specifically if you have not gotten submissions recently.

Doing this will enable you to spot any type of kind error as they come previously your users even see. One sure way for your possible consumers to tell if your form works properly is when a verification alert pops up not long after clicking on the send out button.


Contact pages are extremely crucial as it acts like a bridge that connects your company to the world exterior. And due to the fact that of the importance, you wish to guarantee that you are getting it all right. There are specific errors you may already be making that are costing you conversions. Our article provided the leading 4 errors and their options that we hope will help you get more conversions.

Grace P. is a Content Writer at Monify Media.