Search News Buzz Video Recap: Google Search Updates, Deduplication Of Top Stories, Crawling Spikes & Page Experience Desktop Report

In this show we got everything for you from creepy crawling to blood sucking vampires and and walking zombies. First, we had a few unconfirmed Google search algorithm updates this week, one last weekend, second on Monday and third on Wednesday and Thursday. Google said they don’t push algorithm updates out specifically before the weekends. Google said again that spikes in crawl rates do not mean an update is coming, they are unrelated Google said. We did see some weird crawl spikes this week on some sites. Google said they want to make crawling more efficient but it might not be done through IndexNow. Google said when it comes to deduplication of top stories, they remove the link if it’s the first link in top stories and if top stories shows before the web results – but that might change. Google released the page experience report for desktop pages in Search Console. Google said it is impossible for it to understand when different language content is equivalent. Google said it is getting better at understanding languages and locations without hreflang. Google product reviews update will expand, may use machine learning and might one day be incorporated into core updates. I wonder if Google might target fluffy content this year. Google’s John Mueller spoke about site migrations and URL changes in a video. Google said hosting companies should not use robot detection interstitials without 500 status codes. Google said recipe markup has to use fixed times, not ranges. Google might update and even rename the Google webmaster guidelines. Google said it is not doing away with target CPA. There is a bug with discovery and performance max campaigns plus there are new placement reports for performance max campaigns. Google Maps is testing showing review snippets in the map interface. Google has a location pack result with things to do, airports and transit stops. Danny Goodwin 301 redirected from Search Engine Watch to Search Engine Journal and now is redirecting to Search Engine Land. And if you are looking for the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency, you won’t be able to find it in Google Search. And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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