Search News Buzz Video Recap: Weird Google Algorithm Patterns, New Google Ad Label, Unusual Googlebot Crawling Issue, Search Console Loss & More Messages

The Google algorithm ranking tracking tools seems to be having fun, or maybe they are off, I am seeing mixed signals of Google ranking updates. Google is testing a way more visible Google ad label with a green curved border, shocking. Google had some weird crawling issue last week, they called it a temporary drop in calculation, whatever that means. Google Search Console performance reports once again had a data reporting loss. Google added more message types, well, all of them, to the message panel in Google Search Console. Google seems to be showing more product rich results even without structured data. Microsoft moved the Bing News PubHub into Bing Webmaster Tools. Microsoft has expanded its Bing cars and automobile search features. Google said normal CTAs are perfectly fine to have above the fold. Google said there is no such thing as code to text ratio as an SEO factor. Google is testing Google Ads in bulleted list format, I don’t know why. Microsoft Advertising launched new cruise ads. Google Ads released version 10 of the Google Ads API. Google Chrome is rolling out the Journeys feature, which is enhanced browser history. Joe Hall’s survey showed that SEO is more in demand since the Pandemic. And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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