Daily Search Forum Recap: February 24, 2022

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Google Ads said it fixed the high latency issues and weird error messages that were frustrating advertisers for days. Google Ads launched enhanced conversions for leads. Google image search is testing rounded corners. Google’s John Mueller explained when you should make a blog. Google AdSense for YouTube section is coming to the YouTube studio.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Google Ads Fixed The Latency Issues & Weird Error Messages In Ad Console
    It seems like for the past few days advertisers have been complaining about the Google Ads console being slow with some latency issues and sometimes that weird error messages were coming up. This lead to a lot of frustration and slowed down some PPC marketers day-to-day jobs. Well, as of last night at 9pm ET, Google said they fixed those issues.
  • Google To Add AdSense For YouTube Section To AdSense Console & YouTube Studio
    A month ago we reported how Google has changed the AdSense earnings thresholds to be distinct between normal AdSense earnings and YouTube AdSense earnings. Well, Google announced related to that in March, Google will roll out the new AdSense for YouTube homepage by navigating to AdSense from within YouTube Studio.
  • Google Ads Rolls Out Enhanced Conversions For Leads
    As reported by George Nguyen, Google is now officially launching enhanced conversions for leads. Google has enhanced conversion for web for about a year, but recently added this for leads.
  • Google’s John Mueller On When You Should Make A Blog
    Google’s John Mueller posted on Reddit about when he thinks one should pursue starting down the journey of a blog. Of course, I know something about blogging and I have to say, his advice is dead on with something I’d agree with.
  • Google Image Search Tests Rounded Corners On Images
    Google Image Search is testing rounding the corners on the images it displays in the search results. This is instead of showing squared off corners, Google is rounding the corners to give it a little more – um – pizzaz?
  • A Google S2 Infra Fleece, Is That Search Infrastructure?
    Here is a new Google fleece I spotted on Twitter with a Google Cloud like logo that says S2 Infra on it. Does that stand for search infrastructure? The guy who shared it does work at Google in the

Other Great Search Threads:

  • Google changed the look of the government help info section at the top of addiction treatment search results. Original article with old design: https://t.co/AbSsbvsKMv New design screenshot:, Michelle Kubot Segovia on Twitter
  • SEO Experiment: Will Google find URLs which have no normal links pointing to them, but via hreflang meta tags only? Initial result: No Test details: On 2/11 I created an Italian version of my personal website homepage and used hr, Stephen on Twitter
  • Topics: The new Privacy Sandbox proposal for interest-based advertising, Google Ads Help
  • “Does migrating a website’s hosting location to another country affect SEO?” is a question @JohnMu often hears. Watch our latest episode of #AskGooglebot for the answer, Google Search Central on Twitter
  • Are policies a type of documentation, or do you see them as separate things? currently thinking about how case studies seem to be different type of thing, but policies are more mysterious (are they or aren’t they documentation), Lizzi on Twitter
  • Cute one… “Page indexed without content”, Barry Schwartz on Twitter
  • Fixed indented parsing in MozCast. Here’s the current prevalence of page-one indented result counts in our data set (as of this morning): 1 = 27.6% 2 = 7.6% 3 = 2.0% 4 = 0.4% 5 = 0.1%, Dr. Pete Meyers on Twitter
  • It’s easy to fret too much over headings — use them as headings, and don’t worry too much about the rest. With HTML5 it’s common to have multiple sets of headings too, that’s also fine., John Mueller on Twitter
  • Off hand, this reminds me a bit of the cloaking, redirecting ads that used to make it through ad networks (check for users in locales or on certain mobile providers, redirect to spam / malware). It wouldn’t, John Mueller on Twitter
  • Sounds like DuckDuckGo (& really Bing) might need to focus more on E-A-T -> Fed Up With Google, Conspiracy Theorists Turn to DuckDuckGo (results provided by Bing) “For many terms, Bing & DuckDuckGo surfaced more untrustworthy, Glenn Gabe on Twitter
  • lM How do you mean? (It’s good to take a critical view of your own content, sometimes that’s the first step towards improvement.), John Mueller on Twitter
  • We don’t differentiate. If something has useful & relevant content, if users find it helpful, we’ll try to show it for relevant queries. For example, most sites use CMSs – and CMSs are essentially just web apps, John Mueller on Twitter

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