New reports for Guided Recipes on Assistant in Search Console

Over the past two years, Google Assistant has helped users around the world cook yummy recipes and discover new favorites. During this time, web site owners have had to wait for Google to reprocess their web pages before they could see their updates on the Assistant. Along the way, we’ve heard many of you say you want an easier and faster way to know how the Assistant will guide users through a recipe.

We are happy to announce support for Guided Recipes in Search Console as well as in the Rich Results Test tool. This will allow you to instantly validate the markup for individual recipes, as well as discover any issues with all of the recipes on your site.

Guided Recipes Enhancement report

In Search Console, you can now view a Rich Result Status Report with the errors, warnings, and fully valid pages found among your site’s recipes. It also includes a check box to show trends on search impressions, which can help in understanding the impact of your rich results appearances.

In addition, if you find an issue and fix it, you can use the report to notify Google that your page has changed and should be recrawled.

Image: Guided Recipes Enhancement report

Guided Recipes in Rich Results Test

Add Guided Recipe structured data to a page and submit its URL – or just test a code snippet within the Rich Results Test tool. The test results show any errors or suggestions for your structured data as can be seen in the screenshot below.

Image: Guided Recipes in Rich Results Test

You can also use the Preview tool in the Rich Results Test to see how Assistant guidance for your recipe can appear on a smart display. You can find any issues with your markup before publishing it.

Image: Guide Recipes preview in the Rich Results Test

Let us know if you have any comments, questions or feedback either through the Webmasters help community or Twitter.

Posted by Earl J. Wagner, Software Engineer and Moshe Samet, Search Console Product Manager

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