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Good morning, Marketers, and today I’ve got movies on my mind.

Creative agency Movers+Shakers gave me a look under the hood of their wildly successful TikTok campaign for the Warner Bros movie “Godzilla vs. Kong.” The event encapsulates our times right now. First, the movie was available simultaneously in theaters and through HBO Max. 

The soundtrack of the TikTok “ROAR Challenge” conveys all our frustrations with waiting for vaccines and updates on CDC guidelines, and wondering if a favorite local eatery is seating indoors, and did they jack up the price of their signature entree 50% to pay for lost 2020 revenues?. “Ahhhhh!” (I’m quoting Kong here).

In the wide world of marketing, it’s not about the marketer per se, but the customer. Customers want to know that you hear them and really care. Whether orchestrating an influencer campaign across emerging social platforms, or simply orchestrating your messaging to up conversions through SMS, you — as a marketer — are showing you care enough to make the journey a smooth one with a happy ending. Regardless of which stage you’re at in your marketer’s journey, take a look at the conversations being started below.

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The Tiktok challenge blueprint for “Godzilla vs. Kong”  

“Godzilla vs. Kong,” the new Warner Bros release, has topped 4 billion views on TikTok with its dedicated “ROAR Challenge.” What are the strategies that produce big results like this? What do marketers need to know about what works in the growing TikTok community? What role do influencer marketing platforms play in orchestrating successful social campaigns?

For TikTok, it starts with a concept that fits the network’s culture. Every social platform has a unique flavor. Creative agency Movers+Shakers has become a TikTok specialist, topping 100 billion views on the platform across all of its campaigns.

Agency CEO and co-founder Evan Horowitz appears to have cracked the code, but he is also looking at other emerging social destinations like Clubhouse and Triller. His priority is being at the cutting edge of culture and infusing it with brand love.

Movers+Shakers had helped create TikTok campaigns for past Warner Bros films, including last summer’s “Scoob!” and “Tenet.” To Horowitz, “Godzilla vs. Kong,” which opened to wide release March 31 in theaters and on HBO Max, seemed tailor-made for a concept native to TikTok – the challenge.

“The most important thing is the challenge, the concept itself,” Horowitz said. “Warner Bros knew going into it that it was the ‘versus’ aspect that fans could get excited about. Are you ‘Team Godzilla’ or ‘Team Kong?’”

The moviemakers provided the roaring soundtrack of the two famous titans at war. It was then up to creators on TikTok to film themselves in situations where they could lip synch these primal screams.

The key to the “ROAR Challenge” was to keep the concept open, to pull in more than just movie buffs who were familiar with Godzilla and King Kong’s previous on-screen battle, back in the 1960s.

“It’s all about meeting people where they are, and on social,” said Horowitz. “And the share of social is rapidly shifting to TikTok. Gen Z and Millennials are spending time massively on TikTok.”

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Reputation enhances social listening with acquisition  

Reputation, the reputation experience management platform, enhanced its social listening capabilities this week with the acquisition of social experience management platform Nuvi.

Reputation aggregates and analyses solicited and unsolicited customer feedback, at scale, to support optimization of the customer experience. The goal is to close the gap between customer expectations and brand response.

Nuvi (named for “new visualizations”) offers a combination of social listening and AI-based data visualization aimed at optimizing customer experience on social platforms in real time.

Why we care. It’s not difficult to think of examples of brands not listening to what they’re customers are telling them. As consumers we now have high expectations of real-time attention. That requires brands not only to listen, but to act fast in response.

Healthcare martech company launches DeepIntent Outcomes  

DeepIntent, the marketing platform which helps healthcare campaigns reach providers and patients, this week launched DeepIntent Outcomes to help healthcare marketers optimize live campaigns.

The solution aims to overcome the challenge of delayed reporting by providing daily refreshed pharmacy claims data, allowing marketers to understand script performance and thus optimize marketing mix “in flight.” The result is the possibility of integrating campaigns directed at physicians and patients.

In trials, one leading pharma company saw script lift rise between 10 and 35% for their integrated patient and physician campaigns. Outcomes is part of DeepIntent’s Health DSP.

Why we care. Raising awareness of treatment options among both patients and physicians not only has a chance of improving performance for pharma marketers, but has a chance of improving the health of patients too.

Customer engagement company Airship launches Live Chat  

The new Live Chat expansion of the Airship platform brings mobile marketing automation to a two-way chat solution, enabling marketers to spur engagement, including conversions. Here are some of the use cases and capabilities:

  • Automatically reach customers on their preferred channels to spark a live chat if they are stalled in completing important goals, from completing purchase form fields to abandoned shopping carts or appointment bookings;
  • Include a live chat support link on mobile wallet receipts for curbside pickup, product warranty cards, or travel concierge-enabled mobile boarding passes, with transaction-specific context passed-along to operational teams once activated; and
  • Send a post-purchase email or SMS that opens a live chat enabling customers to easily upgrade their subscription, set replenishment timeframes, sign up for loyalty programs, or provide feedback.

Why we care. One of the emerging trends out of the pandemic is the rise in texting among Millennials and Gen Zers, specifically to contact a brand. Messaging apps like WhatsApp have kept texting as a primary habit among friends, and this behavior has migrated to customer service. 

One advantage texting has is that a customer doesn’t have to wait on the phone line for a response. And just like real-world discussions, conversations between customer and brand allow the company to know more about their consumers. So, in the digital age, boosting messaging channels provides the company with stores of meaningful, precious data, which allows marketers to bring even more value to customer engagement and overall experience.

Quote of the day

“The best landing pages I’ve seen: use customers’ words in their copy; focus on only one offer; explain the product above the fold; anticipate and counter objections and try to be clear instead of clever. Simple, but not easy.” Andrea Bosoni, founder of Zero to Marketing.

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