Replay: MarTech Live explores the many minds of marketing technologists

Scott Brinker of MarTech Conference, HubSpot and Chiefmartec

At MarTech Today, we create content for marketing technologists, the superheroes of modern marketing that are elevating the craft in new ways by leveraging technology, embracing innovation and ever blowing the whistle for change. So it seemed there was no better theme for our inaugural season of MarTech Live than to invite leading marketing technologists to sit down with us to discuss the essential roles they play.

For our first session we invited perhaps the most influential marketing technologist in the space, Scott Brinker, founder of and VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot.

In the discussion, led by MarTech Today’s Editorial Director Kim Davis, we explored topics ranging from the emerging roles marketing technologists play in today’s organizations to the effects the COVID pandemic may or may not have on attitudes towards SaaS tools.

Play the video above to watch the replay.

MarTech Live will be a weekly video series that features in-depth and tactical conversations and gives members of the virtual “studio audience” the opportunity to ask questions and interact in real-time.

We hope this series of live discussions will help everyone stay sharp and up to date on tactics and best practices and emerging trends.

If you have an idea for a session or would like to join a panel, email or fill out the pitch form here.

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